Training since 2017

​CRN  - RUN 10717

Name: Scott's From the Far Side​
Nicknames: Larson, Lars, LarSONNN! Shush Larson! 
Born: June 2014
Breed: Shetland Sheepdog
Interests: Barking at the fence line. Moaning in the joy of squeaking a woobie. Pushing his Mom and Dad out of bed. Biting his brother in the neck. Jumps! Go Jump! Jump Jump Jump! ​
Favorite Toy: If it squeaks, it is mine. If it is stuffed, it won't be for long.​
Best Trick: Learning to skateboard!
Goals in Life: Bark at the world! Bark at the delivery people. Bark at the other dogs on the other side of the fence. Just...bark! 
Titles: TBD
Height: TBD

Handler: Merri Scott, total newbie since 2017