Flyball Classes

Learn Why We Love Flyball and if It's Right for Your Dog

We offer flyball classes occasionally. Our main trainers are Jayne McQuillen, Robyn Cox, and Nicole Ortz -- with help and assistance from other teammates as they are available. Please contact Jayne with questions at any time and to reserve a spot once class dates and times are announced.  

Flyball training is not cookie cutter, dogs will progress at their own speed. You will get out of flyball what you put in!

Practice at home is an important aspect of training your dog; we will give fun homework to do!

All of our classes can be repeated depending on your dog's needs, age, and progress.

If you'd like to come see how our club trains, contact Jayne about visiting a club practice (without your dog). 

We occasionally offer classes in Muscatine, Iowa; get info on those classes here.

Flyball Class

This six-week class covers the basics of flyball: introduction to the box turn, using props, jumps, flyball lingo, course set-up, passing, and head-to-head racing. We will have a strong emphasis on building a strong recall and making YOU the most important part of the game. We'll work on ball and tug/motivator drive, preliminary passing, and head-to-head racing. The class is fun and fast paced, so bring an energetic fido and your running shoes!

Class Dates: TBA
Time: TBA

Class cost: TBA