Skidz Say the Darndest Things

Memorable Quotes

"This is flyball. I didn't even know we had to WEAR underwear ." --Adam, 9/09/12 @ DGD tournament in Amana.

"Scooby likes only old, small, dirty, squishy balls, preferably wrinkly, with some hair on them." --Jayne, 5/19/12 @ OSR tournament in Amana.

"Skidmarkz. We are the caring team. Until you piss us off." --Adam, 5/19/12 @ OSR tournament in Amana.

"I promise I won't hump Chopper." --Adam, 5/13/12 @ practice.

"Balls are for mouths." --Jayne (~9 months pregnant, too!), practice 12/11/11

"Betty's got a good wing span." --Adam, 8/20/2011

"I don't think they hate us like we hate them." --Jo, HH tourney 7/8/2011

As Wrylie is trying very hard to jump into Marcus' lap: "Wry and Marcus never really got along." -- Laura; "No, I really am very close with this little ... thing." --Marcus (HH tourney 7/12/2011)

"I have a copy of the Anarchist's Cookbook. I have been in the revenge business a long time." --Adam, HH tourney 5/8/2011

"We need a team monkey ." -- Jayne, HH tourney 5/8/2011

"Now you know. Tom or Row ." --Emily, HH tourney 5/8/2011

"Ken, I touched your pickle." --Jayne, O4P tourney 4/3/2011 
"Every relationship in life is a gamble." --Steve, O4P tourney 4/2/2011
"I'm done." --Steve, walking out of bathroom at hotel, O4P tourney 4/2/2011
"You can sit on the bed now, I've got pants on." -- Emily, to Steve, at O4P tourney 4/2/2011
"If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough." --Adrianna, at DC tourney 3/19/2011

"You just don't understand the Bettiness of Betty." --Jayne, at practice, March 2011

"Is that a whistle in your pants, or did you just eat Mexican food last night?" --Adam 2/13/2011

"We really hate chipmunks." --Laura 10/09/2010

"Patience is not the way of the yip yip dog." --Laura @ Dog Gone Devils, 6/25/10

"Salt is the silent killer." --Jacci 4/18/2010
         "And a bow and arrow." --Adam 4/18/2010

"Well you're definitely not going to get any goiters." --Adam, 4/18/10

"Cisco's a very warm dog." --Ken @ Omaha 4-Play 09/19/09
          "Yeah, it's probably because he's got an infection." --Jayne @ Omaha 4-Play


"I'd better take my socks off so Steve has to walk the dogs." --Jayne @Omaha 4-Play 09/19/09

"We need a team goat." --Laura @ Dog Gone Devils, 9/13/09

"That's a waste of a good dog poking stick." --Jo @ practice 05/10/09

"Jenny's balls are slimey." --Steve @ Disorderly Conduct Tournament 04/26/09

"Banshee, shut your noise hole!" --Laura @ Disorderly Conduct Tournament 04/26/09

"It's so weird practicing without a child in this cage." --Ken @ practice 03/15/09

"I may have to resort to help from a Y chromosome. Damn!" --Mary, Skidz List 02/06/08

"Such a shame, Banshee was such a good little flyball dog. Way too good to get delisted because her owner is lazy!" --Jayne, Skidz List 11/30/07

"I'm distracted by my sobriety." --Adam, El Dorado, 10/14/07

"It's a nice looking body, but a shame about the penis." --Jayne, Skidz 9/08/07

"Whatever you do, don't touch his weiner!" --Jayne, HH 7/09/06

"You've got a twitch in your giddy-up or something." --Terry (about Rumble), IFD 6/10/06

"You mean that was a real race? I thought you were warming up!" -- Angie, after leaving her dog with Barbara because she really had to go to the bathroom, IFD tournament, 6/11/06.

          "So there was some lady in there ... and she was wiping off the sink, so I'm

          waiting 'cause, like, I can't pee in front of anyone!" --Angie, about going to said

          bathroom while her dog was abandoned and the race was starting and she               was supposed to be running, IFD tournament, 6/11/06.

"Self-esteem is a crutch for people who give a shit." – Adam, 8:00 p.m., after-practice dinner, June 4, 2006

"It’s a good thing we don’t have to drive for a long while, since I just washed down that percocet with champagne." – Beth, 11:00 a.m., JK9s @ Amana, 5/21/06

"Mimosas! It's what alcoholics drink for breakfast!" -- Beth, JK9s tournament, after slugging one down, 5/21/06

"Dogs apparently can't smell pepperoni through a window." --Laura, 3/1/06

And, the follow up: "If you rub pepperoni all over your driver's side window, frost does not form there on a cold night. Handy tip!" --Laura, 3/3/06

"Don't WORRY!" --Angie, answering the phone when she hasn't shown up for racing 5 minutes before race #1, and SHE has the height dog for that race, 2/5/2006

"I just made sure that after a couple of pills I didn't handle a loaded gun!" --Beth, 12/2005

"I'm a cognitive miser." --Angie, date unknown