The Good Stories

The Mostly Missing Years (2008-2014)

We don't seem to record our stories so much anymore. In our most recent years, there is Facebook. These are the last two ...

Sunday end of the the second day of the HH spring tourney (5/8/11), Jacci didn't come in to shag, so on the runback Lizzie is looking for her. She can't find her so she exits the ring via the other team's side. With Adam yelling for her, she circles the backstop then ends up on the outside of the ring barriers on our side. She jumps the barrier to get back to Adam and Jo is standing right there with her back to Lizzie playing tug with Sherman. This proved to be no obstacle as Lizzie cleared the barrier then slipped right between Jo's legs from behind and back to Adam! It was just so smooth it didn't seem real! Never even touched Jo (or interrupted tug game.) Nicole, Adam and Jayne all burst out laughing, and Jo just looked kinda stunned (where did THAT come from?)! (submitted by Jayne)

Adam was boxloader and hit a new low in boxloading: went in the ring without box! (OSR in Amana, 5/19/12)