Team Photos

The Gals, The Guys, & The Skidz Kidz

Top row: Adam, Jacci, Sara, Katie, Luke, Paul, Gillian, Sophia. Middle Row: Robyn, Jayne, Emily, Lynne, Steve Bottom cluster: Porter, Janessa, Nicole, Adrianna, Jaslyn

Here are some of our more "historic" team pics.  And a couple of more recent smaller group shots.

Our History In Video

Or, Go Hawks!

We were lucky for many years to be able to do half-time flyball demos at the University of Iowa Men's and Women's Hawkeye basketball games -- what an adrenaline rush! The audiences loved us. And, many times, we managed to get a bit of video from one source or another. Here are the short clips we've accumulated. It's especially poignant for us to watch these now and see dogs who are no longer with us ...

Practice Info

Where You'll Find Us

We practice at Steve Branin and Jayne McQuillen's training facility west of Iowa City at 8:30 a.m. on most Sundays, and at 7:00 p.m. on most Wednesdays.

(The facility is available to rent. Contact Steve or Jayne for information.)

New Skidz members are by invitation only and must have a current member sponsor. However, if you are interested in flyball, please contact us to find out when you can observe a practice, for information on flyball classes or to find out about attending local flyball tournaments.

Team Skidmarkz

Where We've Been,

What We've Done

SKIDMARKZ (founded - April 2002)

Skidmarkz' racing mantra: wear ear plugs, relax, enjoy your teammates, and kick some tail on the mats! The Skidmarkz Club is very proud of our dogs; we currently race with 7 different breeds, including a whole bunch of mixes, and half are rescues or rehomed dogs. We love breaking team records, but we pride ourselves on running competitively with all of our lineups, always finding a place for the slower dogs, and enjoy nothing better than races won or lost by a whisker in any division!

Our fastest U-Fli time is 14.640 set by Wire, Brink, Trix, Ping over 9" October 20, 2019

Our fastest NAFA is 14.806 set by Brink, Trix, Ping, Juice over 11" on October 12, 2019

Previous records:

-14.828 set by Brink, Trix, Ping, Juice over 9" September 15, 2018

-14.971 set by Brink, Trix, Sway, Ping over 11" on September 8, 2018

-15.071 set by Brink, Trix, Sway, Ping over 11" on August 19, 2018

-15.377 set by Trix, Sway, Ping, Rookie over 10" on October 14, 2017

-15.360 set by Trix, Sway, Ping, Fiction over 9" April 29, 2017

-15.631 set by Trix, Sway, Ping, Rookie over 10" on May 20, 2017

-15.821 Trix, Sway, Ping, Rookie over 10" March 2017

-15.796 Sway, Ping, Fender, Rookie over 8" October, 2016

-15.909 Sway, Ping, Fender Rookie over 8" April 2016

-16.025 Fender, Rookie, Sway, Ping over 10" January 2016

-16.123 Fender, Rookie, Sway, Ping, over 10" October 2015

-16.110 Fender, Rookie, Sway, Ping, over 8" July 2015

-16.638 Fender, Nikki, Rookie, Sway, over 10"  May 2015

-16.998 Nikki, Fender, Rookie, Khaleesi over 8" March 2015

-17.286 Khaleesi, Fender, Nikki, and Rookie, over 8" October 2014 

-17.198 Khaleesi, Fender, Nikki, and Rookie, over 8" August 2014 

-17.555 Khaleesi, Fender, Nikki, and Rookie, over 8" July 2014 

-17.864 Rippy, Jester, Belle, Chloe over 12" December 2004 

Multibreed Record

-18.21,  Rippy, Jester, Chloe, and Trace, over 12" July 2004